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If you don’t feel you have job security or aren’t making the kind of money you would like, then it is about time you shift gears by letting an expert show you how to get paid $20 to $45+ an hour doing simple and easy jobs without a degree, a diploma or any special skills!

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Subject: To The Man Or Woman Who is 35 And Dissatisfied From Stephen Paul


Dear Friend,

From thirty-five to forty is the critical age for opportunity. In these years a man or woman either marks out the course that leads to promotion or advancement, or settles into permanent unhappiness.

There are thousands who see the years passing with a feeling close to desperation.

They say, “I have to make more money.” But they have no plan for making more.

They say “There is no future for me here.” But they see no opening anywhere else.

“I’m managing to scrape along now,” they say “But how in the world will I ever educate my children?”

To the men and woman whose minds are constantly – and more often almost hopelessly - at work on such thoughts, this page is addressed. There’s no double talk, just plain, blunt common sense.

Let us get one thing straight at the very start
We do not want you unless You want us

There are many dissatisfied man and woman who will do something and the ones who won’t. I feel sorry for the latter, but I cannot afford to waste time trying to please them.

I have a reputation for training those who--as a result of out training--earn large salaries and hold responsible positions.

That reputation must be maintained. Much can be done, but I cannot make anyone succeed who will not help themselves. So rest assured you will not be urged into anything.

Ok… At this time you may be thinking why you should listen to me. Who am I to talk…what makes me an expert? If you have heard of me, I am not one to give BS to anyone. When I make a claim, I mean it.

But if you have not heard from me, let me introduce myself….

My name is

Stephen Paul.

I like many folks was working 2 jobs, I was burned out and… making less money. Then misfortune struck, I ended up losing one of my jobs and that sent me into financial tailspin.

I was at my lowest when a gentleman named John took me under his wing. What he showed me changed my life!

At Last… A Way To Make More Money

My mentor John showed me a way to make more money in less time and get my life back!

He introduced me to the Field Service Industry. In a matter of weeks I was able to turn my situation around. Now I have a thriving business and I’m able to do more for myself and family.

And now during this economic uncertainly I feel the simple and easy method in my guide could help you too.

You may not realize this but within the time it takes to read this letter, you could have already had a check made out to you!

And what is really amazing about it is it isn't hard to do. Working in Field Service is easy, my guide and desire is all you will need.

NO diploma, NO degrees, NO special certifications or skills needed. It doesn’t take a scientist to understand it. Anyone can do it!

And just like John did for me, I can show you a way to make more money, working in this legitimate and professional industry which is little known and virtually recession proof.

Why is Field Service a best kept and little known industry?

Field Service is little known because these jobs are typically not advertised.

You will not find many opportunities for this on the internet or in the newspapers. To get in you must know who the right companies are!

FREE ACCESS To Approved Companies

The High Pay Easy Job Guide will give you FREE ACCESS to approved Field Service Companies.

I have taken extra steps to DOUBLE VERIFY & APPROVE the companies on my list to ensure you are getting the most complete and accurate list of companies who need your services today! That way you can hit the ground running!

Why take the time to DOUBLE VERIFY & APPROVE companies? Well the answer is simple… because my reputation is on the line.

Working in this industry can be extremely rewarding, it has been and still is for me. I know it can be for you as well…

take  A Look At These Advantages

green bullet Little to no cost: A computer car and camera is all you need
green bullet NO Selling, NO inventory, NO Employer or NO Employees
green bullet Easy To Learn: NO Experience, NO Degree, NO Special Certifications
green bullet Jobs are simple. No special equipment needed
green bullet Flexible: Part-time or Full-time, choose your hours and assignments
green bullet Supplement your income or start a new career, the guide shows you how
green bullet Services are needed anywhere there is a house or business
green bullet A virtually recession proof industry
green bullet Fast & Simple Start Up: You could be working in a few short days
green bullet Affordable: With one inspection you could recoup the cost of the guide
green bullet Nothing else to buy. The guide is all you will need

For Only $47
If You Follow My Simple Method
“The High Pay Easy Job Guide”

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"The High Pay Easy Job Guide” is a easy and simple-to-follow method that will show you how to connect with companies who will literally pay you $20 - $45+ an hour working in Field Services. You get instant access to our on and offline resources along with easy step-by-step instructions on how to take advantage of hidden opportunities in your area.

“A Simple Five-Step Process…”

Here is an actual breakdown of what to expect:

step 1

Follow Our Simple and Easy Step-by-Step Guide. Learn about the types of inspections, what to expect and pay scales.

step 2

Use The Templates Provided To Create Your Work Profile Which Lets Field Service Companies Know The Cities And Counties You Want To Work In.

step 3

With Our Resources You Can Sign Up, Register, Then Post Your Availability To Start Receiving Assignments For Your Area.

step 4

You Are In Control! When Field Service Companies Send You Assignments You Have The Option Of Accepting Or Declining. The Choice Is Yours!

step 5

This Step Maybe The EASIEST Of Them All! You Can Get Paid Daily, Doing Full-Time or Part-Time Work.

if you are thinking about the money and you don't know if you want to risk paying $47 because you don't know me, or because you are concerned if you don't get the same results as others you will be out $47. I understand this. For this reason, I am going to do one thing you will like. I am going to take away all the risk and guarantee you will succeed with my …

money back guarantee
money back guarantee space

"No-Questions-Asked, Full 30 Day
100% Money Back Guarantee!"

Let me tell you EXACTLY what is going to happen when you buy The High Pay Easy Job Guide..

check mark You will GREATLY INCREASE your chance to make more money then if you were to use another strategy.
check mark You will save MORE money from the money you spend on products that don't work.
check mark You will give yourself an opportunity to advance in this profession or trade giving yourself freedom from worry.

You will definitely improve your standard of living by following the step-by-step strategy...

Or Else ...

You Can Receive 100% of All Your Money-Back Guaranteed No-Questions Asked!

Yes! If for whatever reason, you do not see a huge benefit in the guide… then within the first 30-days you can ask for your money back. I'll refund every single penny you invested, and we part as friends. green shield

Once you actually put my proven step-by-step method in The High Pay Easy Job Guide to work for you, I'm confident you're going to be satisfied with the results you will get time and time again.

The High Pay Easy Job Team

Secure Your Copy Now!

money back guarantee
money back guarantee

I prepared this guide to tell you about this new Method and Service. Its title “The High Pay Easy Job Guide” should be read by all men and women who face the responsibility of shaping their own future.

For $47 and with my “100% Satisfaction Guarantee” You can’t go wrong.

When ordered you can immediately download it. But I do not urge you to order it.

If you are the type of man or woman for whom this new Method and Service has been constructed, if you are determined to take advantage of the rich opportunities of the next 5 years, you will order it without urging.

Act Now… And Get
"The High Pay Easy Job Guide"
for a Ridiculously Low Price of $47.

make more money

Whether Full or Part Time...
The Opportunity Is Now Available!

There You Go. You have such a tremendous
opportunity in front of you. Don't Hesitate.

You get all the above. The Guide, my VERIFIED, TESTED & APPROVED list of Field Service Companies and my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. The High Pay Easy Job Guide is only available for a short time. Act now and place your order so you don't miss out. Also, you need to act now, because I am planning to raise the price of my product soon. I do not know when, but it will be soon. Take action now so you can enjoy the product at the low price offered. Just click the order button below and get a copy at my super low price of $47 Dollars.


Our Book will be available immediately and are delivered in electronic format.

high pay book

To your success,


P.S. Remember, this guide is method that will help you to make more money. Do not pass on this chance to gain your freedom from worry.

P.P.S. Remember! You have my 100% money back guarantee stamped on this offer. If for whatever reason you do not see a benefit just let me know and I'll refund your money. No questions asked.

P.P.P.S. Please note the price is only $47.00 for a Short Time! Once I decide to pull the plug, the price will go up. So take advantage of the low price now while it is still at $47.

Click Here to Secure Your Copy
Before We Raise the Price!

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